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The Small Fleet

At CypherBlu we do the best we can with three vehicles:

1. The delivery van

2. The 2 Ton /3 Ton Van

3. The 2 Ton /3 Ton Cube Truck

We are constantly swapping equipment and building custom packages for our clients.

For vehicle rentals choose from any of our preselected packages and feel free

to add equipment or make similar substitutions:

2 Ton Grip Van Package  -  2 Ton G&E Van Package

3 Ton Grip Van Package  -  3 Ton G&E Van Package

2 Ton G&E Truck Package  -  3 Ton G&E Truck Package


If your production has insurance with Non Owned & Hired Auto coverage

in addition to the standard 1 million dollar liability and rented equipment coverage you 

are more then welcome to send any qualified driver that you'd like

If your production doesn't have auto coverage on the policy

that's ok, we still have options:

1. We do local curbside deliveries and pick ups

Our rate for a local drop off or a pick up between 8am and 8pm starts at $50

If your shoot is farther then 15 miles from our shop

or you need us in the middle of the night we'd be happy to meet you

but we may need to increase the fee to depending upon

special circumstances that we can work out with you before your shoot.  

2. If you need a hand on set we have crew!

If you production doesn't have auto coverage (or even if you do we can send 

one of our drivers to work the show under your gaffer and

your key grip as a driver/grip and electric swing. 

Our driver's rates start at $175/for 12 Hours from the time they arrive on set to the time they leave. If production goes over 12 hours we kindly ask for Over Time. Our drivers pick the vehicle up in the morning and return it to the lot at the end of the day before they go home so they usually start with a 14 hour work day.

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